Testimonial from Fiona Kelly, Director - Jesus Christ Superstar 2004, Chatswood Musical Society


I had the good fortune of meeting Tim Hawkins after a performance of 'Grease' by Chatswood Musical Society in 2004. We had a friend in common who mentioned to Tim that I was directing the group's next production, 'Jesus Christ Superstar', later that same year. Tim and I had an instant rapport and immediately started discussing our ideas and mutual enthusiasm for the following show.



From that moment on, Tim was a valuable and pivotal member of the Production Team . He was always available for conversations and email exchanges, never wavering in his support of the show. His input into the set design and supervision of the scenery construction was imperative to the success of the production.




The focal point of the set design was a central revolve, which could operate in either direction and at a variety of speeds. As soon as it arrived at the theatre, the cast was suitably impressed with both its size and it's smooth operation. Neither the musical society or I had had previous experience with that sort of technology, but any fears or concerns were quickly allayed by Tim's confidence and assurances.

Sure enough, the revolve worked flawlessly and audiences were raving about both the technology and the aesthetic that it added to the production. Tim was always on hand to oversee the operation of the revolve and provided other stage crew assistance while he was in the wings.

As a result of the success of my association with Tim Hawkins, I would whole-heartedly recommend his advice, input and technical prowess to any theatrical endeavor without reservation.

Yours sincerely,
Fiona L. Kelly
25 June 2010