Revolves for Theatre






A dynamic new way of staging your production is now available.



Make your sets move with automation innovation.






A revolving floor that transports your vision beyond the average to something more visually dramatic!


With the touch of a button you can move from one scene setting to another and then back again.

Tim Hawkins has used this unique staging effect since 1999 in various community theatre companies around New South Wales. A revolving stage has been used by:


  • Grease in 2004 and Joseph and His Technicolour Dream Coat in 2001.
  • Blacktown Community Theatre performed using a revolving stage for the Return to the Forbidden Planet 2003 and Les Miserables 2003.
  • Chatswood Musical Society used the revolving stage for Jesus Christ Superstar in 2004.
  • In 2005 Goodbye Charlie Brown at Joan Sutherland Centre for Performing Arts.



What are some other names for a Revolve?

Turntable, revolving flooring, moving floor, rotating platform, revolving stage.



What theatres would use a Revolve?

Any theatre company could use a revolving stage. If you want your production to have that extra something…. that WOW factor….. then automate your set design.

As a new a business, with a strong interest in theatre, ROTATION is proud to offer this technology to theatre productions.

We will work with you to make it happen.


What type of productions would use a Revolve?

Your production!

You could revolve:


  • The whole set from one scene to another
  • The Cast
  • A Car - a 360° view
  • One side of a building set to the other side - showing both inside and outside
  • The band

Any production could use a Revolve. What better way to add spice to a scene, move from one setting to another or to dramatise an effect than to give the audience an added visual level.

“Move" their attention to where YOU want it to go! Direct, not only the actor and backstage crew - but direct…..the way the stage moves…literally!!!



What is their aim in a theatre?


  • Change of scene ease
  • Fast transaction to different sets
  • Creative effects
  • Dramatic and dynamic scene movement
  • Variation to the normal static sets
  • Gives the audience a 360° view of your production
  • Make the audience gasp at the innovative way your production and sets are manoeuvred.


What sort of Revolves do we do?

What sort do you need??? As a new company we are flexible and interested in providing new and exciting things for theatre. Innovation is a key aim for ROTATION.

See our current products list for ready-to-go revolves however there is no limit to the maximum diameter. From a small venue to something as large as a football stadium. We can do it! That's what's cool and we are up for the challenge.


Revolve 2500 -

Our revolving stages will be constantly improved and upgraded with the latest technology integrated into the design.

The Revolve itself is a great piece of engineering but it's the technology which surrounds it and which is easily utilised by the customer - that's where the really great stuff is.



How do they operate?

The Revolves can rotate at any pace you require. You may want your scene to complete one revolution every 2 minutes or every hour, this is up to you and we can set it up accordingly.

The Revolves are turnkey operational and easy to use. Our technologically innovative systems provide you with fast response and allow remote activation and directional change at the touch of a button.


Where do we deliver?

We deliver to wherever you need us to. ROTATION can provide service in all Australian capital cities, regional areas and internationally.



How and when are they assembled?

The Revolves require minimum downtime for your production rehearsals to have them installed, in place and operational. Our professional team will bump them in and assist you as required.

If you want, leave the theatre after rehearsal and during the night we come in and make it happen. You return in the morning to have your stage rotating!!!

We will work with you and discuss rehearsal scheduling and set construction timeframes.



Power requirements?

Single phase and three-phase power.




The cost is astoundingly minimal for the effect that you achieve. Contact Tim Hawkins for a quote.




Our first available Revolves are the Revolve 2500 (2.5m diameter) and Revolve 5000 (5m diameter).

We are also able to customise a Revolve to suit your requirements and as Tim likes to tell everyone, “We can revolve something the size of a football field if they need us to. Bring it on!"



Who do you work with as the customer?

You will work with our professional team members for both sales and installation.

As a small company everyone is hands-on in all aspects of the business.

We are here to make your experience easy. Minimal fuss and ease of installation is guarantee of our service.



Is it hire or purchase?

Our revolves are currently available on a hire basis, which means that you can upgrade as often as your requirements change.




What is the hiring policy?

When you hire a ROTATION Revolve your business will be provided with all support and service during your hire period to ensure your experience is to the professional standard our company strives for.

Each hire policy is individual and customised to the requirements of your business and your needs associated with the product you choose.

In other words our hiring policy is negotiable and extremely flexible.

As a customer you will be offered any technology upgrades as soon as they are available.



ROTATION's Guarantee of Service


  • Minimal fuss

  • Ease of installation

  • Professional sales and installation team for support

  • Innovative systems

  • Fast response

  • Shine boost and WOW factor for your production




ROTATION Revolves are so easy to use. Training is provided to your crew to ensure optimum and safe usage.


Flooring type


  • Can be used on all hard surfaces.
  • Carpet - Yes
  • Concrete - Yes
  • Lino - Yes
  • Wooden floors - Yes
  • Water - no, unless on a boat, barge or floating object, which would therefore be a hard surface so, Yes


Lighting? Other accessories?

ROTATION will be developing other services in the future to support our Revolve hiring. We have access to lighting and sound systems that you may wish to incorporate into your production. Talk to Tim and discuss your needs.



Lead up time frames

Our current product range is available right now. Call Tim to discuss time frames for customised Revolves.