Hairspray - Seamless scene changes


The Revolve Worked Perfectly

“Metropolitan Players  recently used the Revolve5000 for their production of ‘Hairspray’.  The show called for multiple scene changes that had to blend seamlessly from one scene to the next.  During the design process it became obvious that a revolve would be a huge asset in making this happen.  After talking to Tim his revolve soon became an integral part of the set for the Civic Theatre stage in Newcastle. 



Tim installed the revolve and provided training on how to operate it.  The revolve worked perfectly for every performance and helped to create the effect we wanted.  One reviewer commented on the lightning speed at which all the scenes were changed.  Thanks Tim for your help in making our production of ‘Hairspray’ such a success.” - Graeme Black, President Metropiltan Players Inc. October 2014

Rotation Maximizes Exposure for UWS Solace - Solar Car


University Western Sydney asked Rotation to Revolve the SolAce Solar Car for their official launch event.

“Rotation provided the car revolve that served as the centrepiece for the launch event of the first UWS solar car. The revolve was delivered on time and assembled by the Rotation team without a problem well in time for the event. It operated smoothly and without incident for the duration of the night and made for a delightful centrepiece around which our entire night was planned. The rotation team then had it packed up and offsite within hours of the event finishing.

We will definitely be using Rotation again for future launch events! They deliver a quality product and service on time.” – Jay Manley, Project Lead UWS Solar Car Project – University of Western Sydney

Rotation supplies Network Ten's The Renovators with Revolve5000 in 2011


In 2011 the Ten Network aired the highly publicised program, The Renovators over three months.  Twenty-five renovators faced off with six houses from hell. Their task - to transform these nightmares into real estate gold. The renovations take place in houses across the suburbs of Sydney as the contestants renovation imagination became renovated reality.

In various challenges the renovators were put to the test, battling to keep their place in the game, on the largest renovation stage ever seen- a 13,000 square metre warehouse.


The Warehouse, is the largest television set in Australia - where contestants fight for competition survival in a series of design, decorating and construction challenges to win valuable assets and advantages for their own renovations. In the end there was only one winner.


Shine Productions contacted Rotation in January 2011 to purchase a 5 metre revolving platform as part of the program. Their intention was to use the platform as part of the challenges in the Warehouse.


Rotation was proud to provide a Revolve5000, a 5 metre revolving platform to this production in March 2011 and installed it in the Warehouse ready to go prior to filming.


Shine Art Director, Angus McDonald said “Rotation’s Revolve was provided on time and exactly as we wanted it. I would use this company again for revolves.”

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