Rotation attends MPSN Breakfast Seminar


On Thursday 17 June 2010, ROTATION sent Tim Hawkins and Mark Newport to the Macarthur Professional Services Network Breakfast Seminar held at the fantastic Harrington Grove Country Club.

Various speakers discussed the calibre & value of utilising services within the Macarthur region.

The keynote address was by Mr John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Real Estate. Mr McGrath gave a detailed account of how he started his business & shared some golden pieces of wisdom for other entrepreneurs.

Tim Hawkins of Rotation PTY LTD highly recommended the breakfast seminar as a great opportunity to meet and network with other local business people. Tim said, "I took away some great key messages from the speakers.

  • Always think big,

  • Attend to details & be excited,

  • Processes create discipline,

  • Multi national fast food restaurants (multi billion operations) are run by 16 year old's working under systems & processes. These are the same 16 year old's who at home struggle to keep their rooms clean!!

  • Your INC. Your business is a reflection of you,

  • Build raving fans. Over deliver, over service. Think tank with your team to devise new ways to impress customers,

  • Brand, energy & focus.

Rotation receives testimonial from SEW-Eurodrive


"The Revolve 2500 supplied by Rotation Pty Ltd fit our requirements perfectly, slowly rotating one of our larger gear units for a 360 degree view of the product. Visitors to the show stopped and took in the unit, in all of its glory.

The effect created was something similar to that seen in a European car manufacturer's showroom, perfectly aligning the quality of our products with those of our German counterparts." Ash Vague, Marketing Team Leader, SEW-EURODRIVE

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