Hairspray - Seamless scene changes


The Revolve Worked Perfectly

“Metropolitan Players  recently used the Revolve5000 for their production of ‘Hairspray’.  The show called for multiple scene changes that had to blend seamlessly from one scene to the next.  During the design process it became obvious that a revolve would be a huge asset in making this happen.  After talking to Tim his revolve soon became an integral part of the set for the Civic Theatre stage in Newcastle. 



Tim installed the revolve and provided training on how to operate it.  The revolve worked perfectly for every performance and helped to create the effect we wanted.  One reviewer commented on the lightning speed at which all the scenes were changed.  Thanks Tim for your help in making our production of ‘Hairspray’ such a success.” - Graeme Black, President Metropiltan Players Inc. October 2014

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