Its Official - Melissa Hawkins joins Rotation


Its Official - Melissa Hawkins joins Rotation.

Currently on maternity leave from her "other" job, Melissa Hawkins has been granted secondary employment approval to work officially with Rotation.

Juggling duties as a new mum and working on marketing and administrative duties for Rotation requires dedication.

Melissa said, "My husband Tim's vision for Rotation is so inspiring. We all need our world's turned around sometimes, so of course I wanted to be a part of that."

"Tim is working so hard making this a great family business that the sky is the limit!"

"The Revolves are dynamite!!! I have seen them in action at National Manufacturing Week and of course when Tim and I first met doing backstage at Jesus Christ Superstar in 2004.

"He had his revolving stage for Chatswood Musical Society's JCSS production and he was very passionate about staging theatre in different ways."

"My role at Rotation keeps me busy and I look forward to posting more news items and updating the content for the website regularly!"

Contact Melissa about using the Revolve for mutual marketing opportunities on 0410 54 0971

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