• Rotation supplies Network Ten's The Renovators with Revolve5000 in 2011

    13 December, 2012

    In 2011 the Ten Network aired the highly publicised program, The Renovators over three months.  Twenty-five renovators faced off with six houses from hell. Their task - to transform these nightmares into real estate gold. The renovations take place in houses across the suburbs of Sydney as the contestants renovation imagination became renovated reality.

    In various challenges the renovators were put to the test, battling to keep their place in the game, on the largest renovation stage ever seen- a 13,000 square metre warehouse.


    The Warehouse, is the largest television set in Australia - where contestants fight for competition survival in a series of design, decorating and construction challenges to win valuable assets and advantages for their own renovations. In the end there was only one winner.


    Shine Productions contacted Rotation in January 2011 to purchase a 5 metre revolving platform as part of the program. Their intention was to use the platform as part of the challenges in the Warehouse.


    Rotation was proud to provide a Revolve5000, a 5 metre revolving platform to this production in March 2011 and installed it in the Warehouse ready to go prior to filming.


    Shine Art Director, Angus McDonald said “Rotation’s Revolve was provided on time and exactly as we wanted it. I would use this company again for revolves.”

  • Revolve in Jesus Christ Superstar - Chatswood

    29 June, 2010

    A testimonial has been provided to Rotation from Director Fiona Kelly for Tim Hawkins and the use of his Revolve in the Chatswood Musical Society's Jesus Christ Superstar production in 2004.

    Fiona said,

    "The focal point of the set design was a central revolve, which could operate in either direction and at a variety of speeds.

    "....the revolve worked flawlessly and audiences were raving about both the technology and the aesthetic that it added to the production.

    "Tim was always on hand to oversee the operation of the revolve and provided other stage crew assistance while he was in the wings.

    "As a result of the success of my association with Tim Hawkins, I would whole-heartedly recommend his advice, input and technical prowess to any theatrical endeavor without reservation. "

    Click here to read full testimonial


  • Revolve used in Theatre Production

    23 June, 2010

    Revolve used in Theatre Production

    Rotation has just uploaded some video footage of a revolve being used by Orange Theatre Company in 2004.

    This revolve was the early design of Tim Hawkins, founder of Rotation.

    Tim said, "This shows how effective and dynamic it looks to rotate something. It was great to get a car on stage and have it moving".






    For more information on Rotation's Theatre applications click here







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